Effect of IgA on microbial composition and distribution in colitis model or germ-free mice

For this research project, Mr Rejoanoul ISLAM has been recruited.

Main supervisor

University of Oslo, LIIPAT (F. E. Johansen & P. Brandtzaeg)


University of Wageningen (H.Smidt/M.Kleerebezem)

Duration : 36 months 

Start date : end of 2008/beginning of 2009

Objective. To determine the role of the epithelial barrier, secretory immunoglobulins and the intestinal microbiota, in colitis development.

Approach. Use murine colitis models in wt and gene-deficient mice (pIgR-/- ; IgA-/- and JH-/-). Determination of commensal microbiota by comprehensive profiling of intestinal microbial species using diagnostic-CHIP technology available at WU, combined with qPCR and possibly cultivation techniques.


  • M-12: GF pIgR-/- mice rederived
  • M-18: Obtention of pIgR-/- mice crossed with NF-κB reporter mice; DSS-colitis in pIgR-/- mice characterized
  • M-30: Severity, kinetics, role of commensal microbiota in pIgR-/- mice
  • M-36: pIgR-/- mice mono-associated, oligo-associated, conventionalized; DSS-colitis in JH-/- and pIgR+JH DKO mice characterized; mechanism of soluble β-glucan-mediated protection in DSS-colitis