Interactions of probiotics with the gut mucosa & in-vivo trafficking

For this research project, Mrs Oriana ROSSI has been recruited.

Main supervisor

University of Wageningen (J. Wells)


Istituto Europeo di Oncologia (M. Rescigno)

Duration : 36 months 

Start date : end of 2008/beginning of 2009

Objective. Determine the parameters influencing DC interactions with commensals and probiotics and the mucosal immune response.

Approach. Commensal and probiotic bacteria strains will be engineered to express a fluorescent protein together with antigens for which reactive B cell and T cell receptor transgenic mouse are available. Fluorescent bacteria will be monitored in the mucosa, focusing on DC uptake and the influence of dosing, sIgA and strain adhesiveness. The B and T cell responses to specific antigens expressed by these bacteria will be studied in mice adoptively transferred with antigen-specific B & T cells. Interest will be on the induction and regulation of these responses by the host and the influence of the immunomodulatory properties of selected bacteria.


  • M-6, bacterial strains expressing fluorescent proteins and specific antigens
  • M-12, knowledge of fate of selected commensals and probiotics following oral administration
  • M-24, knowledge of factors influencing DC uptake of non-pathogenic bacteria in the intestine
  • M-42, data on development of immune response to model antigens in transgenic mouse models