Impact of genomic diversity of a probiotic on its immunomodulation effects

For this research project, Mrs Corina CEAPA has been recruited.

Main Supervision

Danone Research Wageningen (K. Ben Armor) & Wageningen University (M. Kleerebezem)


Institute of Microbiology (T. Hudcovic)

Duration : 36 months +

Start date : end of 2008/beginning of 2009

Objective : Determine the impact of the diversity within a probiotic Lactobacillus species in relation to immune modulatory capacities and identify the functions involved in immune modulation.

Description : The project will involved the following steps.

  1. screening the immune modulatory capacity of a collection of several  strains of a given lactobacillus species
  2. Strain and species immune profiles
  3. Genomic diversity mining
  4. correclation analysis of datasets
  5. construction of bacterial mutants
  6. validation of concept in vitro (and in vivo through collaboration)


  • Database of strain and species specific immune profiles (M12)
  • Correlative database for immune profile specific gene-trait matching (M24)
  • Set of bacterial mutants (M36)
  • Publications and thesis (M48)

Techniques that will be used :

Bioinformatic mining; genomic profiling; cell wall biochemistry; molecular microbiology; measures of the epithelial response ; analysis of immune function; use of germ-free and gnotobiotic mice; transcriptomics; cytokine & chemokine profiling; cell biology and in-vitro screens ; immunohistochemistry