Cross Talk is a Marie Curie Initial Training Network (2008-2012) focusing on health, 

promoting interactions between the microbiota and the human host.

Our Consortium gathered 10 academic and industrial partners and 4 associated partners. In the framework of the project 14 recruited young scientists were funded by the project and 4 associated young researchers were partially supported to participate to the Cross-Talk events which punctuacted the 4 year project life.

Training of the fellows being the core activity of Marie Curie ITN projects, Cross Talk orientated its trainings toward:

The emergence of a supra-discipline, the human microbiome metagenomics

which calls for competencies in molecular biology, microbiology, cell biology, immunology, animal and human physiology. Cross Talk aimed at developing new concepts and trans-discipline training based on an integrated scientific program, laboratory exchanges and frequent contacts with industrial partners. Beyond the promotion of scientific excellence, Cross Talk insisted on the parallel development of fellows transversal skills: management, communication & networking.

The overall scientific goal was to answer the unexplored problematic on

the dialogs between non-pathogenic bacteria, their mechanisms and the human-host in the development and maintenance of health

One of the key issues of the project was to better understand the molecular mechanisms of the interactions between commensal bacteria and probiotics and their human host. The project focused on a large panel of bacteria, including lactic acid bacteria - Bifidobacteria and Lactobacilli - Gram positive commensal - Roseburia, Akkermancia, Clostridi, etc - as well as metagenomic clones.

Using relevant cellular models, new pathways of interactions were identified and deciphered during the project.

The potential therapeutic interest is still under investigation and it concerns 11 of the 18 research projects.


Cross Talk News

The Final Symposium of Cross-Talk took place in September 2012 in Paris.

The last Cross-Talk Workshop, organized by Finn-Eirik Johansen, oriented toward "Host-microbes cross-talk: from animal models to human patients" took place in Oslo. It was a great success. We thank him for his involvment in the whole organization of this meeting !

Our 4th Network Meeting and 3rd Fall School took place in Wageningen. We thank them as well as LABIP for its involvment in our Fall School.

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